3 Best Snowmobile Backpacks with Shovel

Why Every Snowmobiler Needs a Shovel-Ready Backpack

Top 3 Snowmobile Backpacks with Shovel: Essential Gear for Winter Adventures

Ever thought of carrying a shovel while out on your snowmobile? Not only does it help if you’re stuck, but it can be a lifesaver in avalanche scenarios or other unpredictable situations! ️❄️

Over time, I’ve tried a variety of backpacks. Currently, I’m obsessed with ones that have a special compartment for shovels. This ensures that the shovel is always handy whether I’m cruising on my sled or taking a break.

One of my favorites is the USWE Pow 25L Backpack. This bad boy has an Avalanche Equipment pocket designed for quick access. Plus, it offers ample storage, making it versatile for several winter escapades. And hey, I’ve got some other cool suggestions too, so stick around!

So, gear up and let’s dive deep into the world of snowmobile backpacks!

Top Picks for Snowmobile Backpacks with Shovel Space

Whenever I’m snowmobiling, a backpack is a must-have for me. It offers both convenience and an added layer of safety. Here are some of the best ones I’ve rocked over time:

1. USWE Pow 25L Backpack

Best Overall
Highlights: Compatible with hydration systems, multiple attachment straps, avalanche equipment pocket, Thermo Cell insulated shoulder straps.
Capacity: 25L
Shovel Compartment: Yes
This backpack is the real deal! The 25L capacity is just right, allowing for extra gear, snacks, and vital safety tools. It even supports up to a 3-liter hydration bladder. What I absolutely love is the rapid access avalanche pocket – making my shovel reachable in a jiffy. Just a heads up, it’s designed for torsos ranging 18-22 inches, so ensure it’s a good fit for you!

2. Ski-Doo OEM Elevation Backpack

Best for Slim Profile
Highlights: Adjustable torso, ergonomic waist strap, easy-access pockets, removable tool pouch.
Capacity: 8L
Shovel Compartment: No (attaches to the side)
For those looking for a sleeker design, this is a gem. Though it has a smaller capacity, it’s perfect for carrying essentials. The ergonomic waist strap ensures a snug fit, preventing any bouncing while you ride. The shovel attaches to the side, maintaining its slim look.

3. Dakine Heli Pro 24L

Best for Backcountry Adventures
Highlights: Cozy design, mesh padded back, goggle pocket, and hydration-ready.
Capacity: 24L
Shovel Compartment: Yes
Ideal for those extended rides into the backcountry, this pack is both functional and comfortable. The shovel and snow tool pocket is brilliantly designed, ensuring items remain secured yet accessible.

Choosing the Right Snowmobile Backpack: Key Points

Safety First: Knowledge of backcountry safety is paramount. If heading into remote zones, always inform someone about your route and expected return time. And, always carry a shovel!

Size Matters: Personally, I lean towards the 20-25L range. It’s spacious enough for essentials without being bulky. But, choose based on your comfort and needs.

Comfort & Fit: Ensure your backpack fits snugly. Chest and waist straps can add to comfort and stability, ensuring you have a smooth ride!

Backpack Best For Capacity Shovel Compartment
USWE Pow 25L Backpack Overall 25L Yes
Ski-Doo OEM Elevation Backpack Slim Profile 8L No (side attachment)
Dakine Heli Pro 24L Backcountry 24L Yes


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