5 Best Snowmobile Gear Bags

Hey there, thrill-seekers! ️ It’s Jonathan here, your go-to guy for all things snowmobiling. The cold winds and the rush of the sled are what I live for! Now, we all know the importance of a sturdy gear bag when we’re heading out into the snowy wilderness. Let’s get you equipped with the top choices so you can make the most of your snowy escapades.

Top 5 Snowmobile Gear Bags: Essential Picks for Winter Riders

Unveiling the Best Snowmobile Gear Bags

From my years of snowmobiling experience, I’ve tried and tested countless gear bags. Here are my top picks that guarantee durability, style, and efficiency:

1. Klim Drift

Best for: Overall Performance
Key features: Spacious, separate padded sections, durable YKK zippers.
Storage Capacity: 9200 cubic inches
Number of Compartments: 2
Cost: $$$

Why it’s my favorite? Well, the Klim Drift offers a robust design ensuring longevity. Apart from its generous storage space, the padded sections ensure your boots and helmet are protected. Plus, the heavy-duty zippers mean no worries about breakage or rust. The only minor hiccup? A slightly small outer pocket. Still, this bag is top-tier!

2. OGIO Rig 9800

Best for: Travel Convenience
Key features: Roller wheels, sturdy design, and adjustable compartments. ✈️
Storage Capacity: 8500 cubic inches
Number of Compartments: 2 (with extra pockets inside)
Cost: $$$$$

Planning a snowmobile trip far from home? The OGIO Rig 9800, with its roller wheels, will be your trusty companion at airports and beyond. It’s super durable and offers ample storage for all your gear. However, premium quality comes with a premium price tag.

3. CafeRace 35-inch Gear Bag

Best for: Those on a Budget
Key features: Affordable, multiple storage spaces, special pockets for boots and helmet.
Storage Capacity: 9200 cubic inches
Number of Compartments: 5
Cost: $$

Want quality without breaking the bank? The CafeRace 35-inch bag is your answer. With its multiple compartments, organizing gear becomes a breeze. Just a heads-up, it might not be the most weather-resistant option out there.

4. Factory FMX

Best for: Organizing Gear
Key features: Multiple compartments, mesh venting.
Storage Capacity: 8500 cubic inches
Number of Compartments: 5
Cost: $$

The Factory FMX bag offers a systematic way to stash your gear. Its mesh compartments ensure quick drying and prevent odors. The only downside is the strap, which could be a tad more comfortable.

5. OGIO Adult Prospect Bag

Best for: Long-lasting Use
Key features: Extremely durable, innovative design, spacious main compartment. ⛷️
Storage Capacity: 8900 cubic inches
Number of Compartments: 2
Cost: $$

For those who prioritize durability, the OGIO Adult Prospect Bag is a gem. Its rugged design ensures it stands the test of time, making it a worthy investment.

What Should You Seek in a Snowmobile Gear Bag?

Each bag is unique, and knowing what to prioritize can make all the difference:

Storage Capacity

Ensure your bag can accommodate all your gear. I recommend going slightly bigger; after all, one can never have enough storage, right?


Multiple compartments are a boon. Especially a separate one for boots to ensure they don’t dirty the rest of your gear.

Model Best For Key Features Storage Capacity Compartments Price


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