7 Best Snowmobile Backpacks

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Top 7 Snowmobile Backpacks: Your Guide to Winter Adventure Gear

Snowmobile Adventures Await! If you’ve ever wondered about strapping a backpack to your back while you blaze through the snow-covered trails, I’ve got some top picks that’ll turn your ride into a snow-adventure! I’ve tested these bad boys out through many a chilly ride, so get ready for some icy insights.

The Showstopper: Klim Nac Pak
Perfect for pretty much… well, everything! Rocking a 13L capacity, it’s spacious enough for that extra gear on long rides. The waterproof nylon construction ensures your stuff stays dry, and those glove-friendly zippers? Pure genius! Though, I must admit, I do miss the hip strap.

Slick Trail Rider: Ski-Doo OEM Elevation
Tailored for trail enthusiasts, its ergonomic fit ensures the backpack stays snug while you enjoy those twists and turns. The catch? It’s 8L capacity might be limiting for some.

Stay Safe Out There: ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack
When safety is paramount, this avalanche pack has got your back. With airbags that can be a lifesaver in a slide, it’s the guardian angel of snowmobile backpacks.

Got Shovel? USWE Pow 16L Backpack
Besides its 16L space, this one’s got a quick access avalanche equipment pocket. Those insulated shoulder straps also make sure your drink tube doesn’t freeze over.

On a Budget? Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Summit Bag
It’s functional, durable, and won’t break the bank! Though, it may not be the top pick for longer backcountry trips.

Jack of All Trades: DaKine Heli Pro
From snowmobiling to skiing, this versatile 20L pack is an all-rounder. Though if you’re looking for extra pockets, this might fall a bit short.

Slim Yet Efficient: Klim Tek Pak
The Tek Pak gives a close, adjustable fit making it perfect for those who like it sleek. However, be ready to shell out a bit more for this beauty.

Snowmobile Backpack Essentials!
1. Capacity: Pick a size that fits your needs. I prefer a 20L pack for average day trips.
2. Comfort: Ensure the bag has padded straps and an adjustable fit for maximum comfort during those long rides.
3. Features: Go for packs with multiple pockets and straps. It increases versatility.
4. Hydration: Stay refreshed on the go with hydration-compatible backpacks.

– Best waterproof backpack? I’d vouch for the Klim Nac Pak.
– Essentials to pack? Safety equipment, extra water and food are my go-tos!

Backpack Name Best For Capacity Hydration Compatible
Klim Nac Pak Overall 13L Yes
Ski-Doo OEM Elevation Trail Backpack 8L No
ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack Avalanche Pack 18L, 30L, 40L No
USWE Pow 16L Backpack Backpack with Shovel 16L Yes
Seibertron Falcon Water Repellent Summit Bag Budget Pick Variable Yes
DaKine Heli Pro Multi-Use Option 20L Yes
Klim Tek Pak Slim Profile Option 21L Yes

Happy Snowmobiling! Let’s embrace the chill! ❄️


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