5 Best Snowmobile Carbides

Jonathan’s Snowmobile Carbide Guide ❄️

Top 5 Snowmobile Carbides for Peak Performance

Hey there, fellow snow enthusiasts! Jonathan here. For those who love extreme winter sports as much as I do, you’d know that maintaining a solid grip on icy terrains is crucial. Carbides, my friend, are your best companion on those slippery tracks! Especially during early and late winter when the trails get super tricky.

I’ve experimented with a plethora of carbides over the years. So, if you’re seeking to boost your sled’s performance, you’re in the right place!

The Ultimate Snowmobile Carbide: Ski-Doo Woody Executive

If you’re a regular on the snowy trails, demanding peak performance, the Ski-Doo Woody Executive is your go-to. Its top-tier design provides an impressive grip and handles even the hardest of snow like a pro. Plus, they’re incredibly durable, lasting multiple seasons without the need for frequent sharpening.

But hey, there’s more to explore! Dive in as I unveil some of the best carbide options out there.

Revamp Your Snowmobile Steering!

Enhance your sled’s handling with just a few tweaks. Let’s ride on! ️

Carbide Model Best For Key Features Dimensions Construction Angle
Ski-Doo Woody Executive Overall Performance Pack of 2, compatible with many skis, exceptional grip 27” X 4” X 7” ½’ round mounting, carbide runners 60-degrees
SnowStuds 6” Round Bar Carbides 6-inch Performance Highly durable, aggressive grip, wide compatibility 36.5” X 5.5” X 0.5” ½” host bar, hard weld filler 60-degrees
Woody’s Dooly Durability Wide design, multiple sizes, extreme durability Not specified Wider built, 7/16” runners 60 and 90-degrees
Woody’s Extender Trail III Flat-Top All-around Performance Extra-long studs, wear pads included 35.25” X 5.25” X 0.5” Full-length hardweld surfaces 60-degrees
EPI Polaris Carbide Runners Budget Pick Wear pads, affordable, easy install Not specified 4-inch length, hard weld construction 60-degrees

Carbide Selection 101

When shopping for carbides, keep in mind the angle and length. A 60-degree angle gives a solid grip, while 90-degrees ensures longevity. As for the length, 6 inches is standard. Depending on your style and budget, you might opt for something shorter or longer. Remember, a sharper carbide provides better control but wears out faster. So, choose wisely! ✨


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