5 Best Snowmobile Dolly

Hey there, thrill-seekers! Jonathan here, your snow-loving adrenaline junkie! If you’re as obsessed with snowmobiling as I am, especially in the chilly terrains of Colorado, then you know the drill when the snow melts. How do you move your snow beauty? Well, let’s talk snowmobile dollies! ❄️

Rev Up Your Winter: Top 5 Snowmobile Dollies for Effortless Moves

What’s a Snowmobile Dolly, You Ask?
It’s our lifesaver when the snow turns to mud! We might wish for eternal winters, but let’s face it, when the snow’s gone, our snowmobiles need a lift. And that’s where these fantastic tools come into play.

Being a snowmobile enthusiast since my childhood, I’ve tinkered with numerous sleds and their equipment. So here’s my low-down on some of the best snowmobile dollies out there!

The Showstopper: Extreme Max MDM2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly
This beast, as its name suggests, is a true monster! It effortlessly hoists heavy sleds for those maintenance days. With its sizable wheels, adjustable lift bars, and safety straps, it’s designed for quick moves. Remember, always buddy up when using it. But hey, if you’re solo, this dolly’s got your back!

Now, snowmobile dollies come in various sizes and styles. From long-term storage shifts to just moving your snowmobile across the garage, I’ve got you covered.

Time for the Snowmobile Dolly Showdown:

Name Best For Key Features
Extreme Max MDM2 Snowmobile Monster Dolly Overall 40-inch wide wheels, heavy-duty frame, adjustable lift bars & straps, 2-year warranty. Capacity: 1500+ pounds.
KASTFORCE KF2014 Heavy-Duty Snowmobile Dolly Heavy-duty use 3 roller plates, swivel casters, nylon tie-down straps, 1500 pounds capacity. ️
Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set Budget Pick Cost-effective, grip pads, 1000-pounds capacity.
Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Wheels Steerable Snowmobile Dolly Steerable Option Driveable on diverse terrains, oversized wheels, innovative cotter pin design.
Black Ice SNO-Dolly Snowmobile Dolly Ease of Use Simple design, 1500-pounds capacity, folds for storage.

What to Consider When Shopping?
– Dolly Type: Choose between a set or a single lift. Sets are usually three-piece with wheels, resembling furniture dollies. Single lifts use leverage to elevate your snowmobile.

Alright snowmobilers, now that you’re all geared up with this info, get ready to move your sleds with ease, even when the snow’s taking a break! Until next time, stay frosty! ❄️


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