7 Best Snowmobile GPS

Hey snow enthusiasts! ️❄️ It’s Jonathan here, your go-to guy for all things snowmobiles. I remember the good ol’ days when snowmobile rides were all about intuition and the thrill of the unknown. But getting lost? Not fun. Now, I never leave home without a trusty GPS. And trust me, I’ve tried them all!

Navigate the Snow: Top 7 GPS Picks for Snowmobile Enthusiasts

Why I Love the Garmin Montana 680t
I’ve been snowmobiling for quite some time now, and the Garmin Montana 680t is my top choice when I’m blazing through the white wonderland. While smartphones are great, relying solely on them can be risky in those remote snowy spots. Enter the Garmin Montana 680t! With its satellite-backed accuracy, you’re set for safe navigation. And guess what? It comes with preloaded geocaches and top-notch topo maps. Perfect for both the casual riders and the treasure hunters among us!

Other GPS Options to Consider
Of course, I’ve got you covered with more options:

Trail Tech Voyager Pro: Perfect for trail lovers. And if you like to see where your pals are, the Buddy Tracking feature is epic.
Garmin eTrex: A tough cookie for rough riders. Its long battery life is a boon for extended rides.
Trail Tech Voyager: A wallet-friendly option that does the job. Basic but efficient.
Garmin Montana 610: Almost like the 680t but easier on the pocket.
Garmin Overlander: For those who alternate between snowmobiles and 4-wheelers. Just remember to keep it charged!
Spytec GL300: Not your usual GPS but a great tracker for your snowmobile.

What to Seek in a GPS
Before diving into the table of details, remember:

– Go for satellite-based navigation.
– A good battery life is crucial. Aim for at least 10 hours.
– Decide between a handheld or hard mount.

Snowmobile GPS Quickies
Best GPS? My heart beats for the Garmin Montana 680t!

GPS Model Best For Key Features Screen Size Battery Life Memory
Garmin Montana 680t Overall GPS and GLONASS support, preloaded geocaches, 8MP camera 4 inches 16-22 hours 2GB
Trail Tech Voyager Pro Trails Bluetooth, Buddy Tracking, dust and water protection 4 inches 12V power Micro SD card
Garmin eTrex Heavy Duty Rugged, GPS/GLONASS support, Topo Active maps 2.2 inches Up to 25 hours 8GB + Micro SD slot
Trail Tech Voyager Budget Pick Smart data logging, LCD screen 2.7 inches Up to 11 hours Micro SD card
Garmin Montana 610 Budget Garmin Highly sensitive, glove-friendly display 4 inches Up to 16 hours 2.7 GB
Garmin Overlander Multi-Vehicle Large screen, topo maps for North and South America 6.95 inches 3 hours 64GB
Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker 4G satellite tracking, accurate within 15 feet

Up to 2.5 weeks

Looking for personalized recommendations or got questions about a specific model? Let me know in the comments! Stay frosty and ride safe, friends! ⛄


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