5 Best Snowmobile Handguards

Hey extreme sports enthusiasts! Jonathan here! ❄️ Ever been on a snowmobile cruising through those frosty forests and thought, “Darn, I wish I had some hand protection!”? Well, let me tell you about the magic of handguards! They might not be the first thing on your mind, but trust me, they can make a world of difference. I’ve experimented with numerous handguards on my sleds, and I’ve come to know what separates the real deal from the knock-offs.

Conquer Winter: Top 5 Snowmobile Handguards for Peak Performance

PowerMadd Fuzion, for instance, is a stellar pick! These bad boys are a cinch to install, super tough, and spacious enough for those hands snug in gloves. Now, while there might be minor differences among the top snowmobile handguards, the gap between flimsy ones and those built like tanks is HUGE! No need to break the bank though; I’ve got some budget-friendly recommendations coming your way.

Grab your helmets, let’s dive deep into the world of snowmobile handguards! ️ ️

Top Snowmobile Handguards
When we talk about handguards, we’re looking for that shield against wild branches and icy gusts, especially when you’re giving that throttle some real love. Here’s what I’ve rounded up:

1. PowerMadd Fuzion: My top pick. Why? Its crushproof nature means it can take hits and still not crack. This resilience is thanks to its closed-cell AEPE foam construction. Its unique design extends a tad bit over your hand, ensuring optimum coverage. A bit of a downside? You’ll need a separate mounting kit.

2. PowerMadd Gauntlet: The go-to for extra warmth. Think of these as glove extensions. Made of sturdy waterproof nylon, they slide over in seconds! Ideal if you already have PowerMadd handguards.

3. Ski-Doo Handlebar Air Deflectors: Perfect for those who want everything in one package. Comes with all mounting gear. Made of durable polypropylene, they’re designed mainly for Ski-Doo machines.

4. PowerMadd Star Series: On a budget? This is your guy! Versatile, strong, and available in multiple colors.

5. RSI Racing H5000 Stonewall: These come with a mounting bracket and offer a universal fit. Made of HighDense Foam, they are bendable yet offer great impact resistance.

Things to Keep in Mind:
Installation: Most handguards are straightforward to fix, but check if you have the necessary mounting kits.
Soft or Hard Guards: While hard guards protect against physical obstacles, soft guards give that extra warmth. Choose according to your need.

Handguard Name Key Feature Material Compatibility Mounting Kit
PowerMadd Fuzion Crushproof Closed-cell AEPE foam Most sleds No
PowerMadd Gauntlet Added warmth Waterproof nylon Star Series or Trail Star No
Ski-Doo Handlebar Air Deflectors Full-Kit Option Resistant polypropylene Ski-Doo machines Yes
PowerMadd Star Series Budget Pick Two different plastics Universal No
RSI Racing H5000 Stonewall Universal Fit HighDense Foam Universal Yes

Let’s gear up, folks! Winter adventures await! ❄️ ️ ️


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