5 Best Snowmobile Studs

Hey adrenaline junkies! It’s Jonathan here! Ever found yourself longing for that extra grip on your snowmobile rides? Oh boy, do I have some knowledge to drop!

Unleash Winter Fun: Top 5 Snowmobile Studs for Thrilling Rides!

Why Stud Your Snowmobile Tracks?
Ever been on icy trails without a fresh coat of snow? I’ve been there, and the solution is simple: studs! These little wonders offer that extra bite, ensuring your sled is under control. After experimenting for years, I’m here to share my top picks for the best snowmobile studs.

My Top Pick: Woody’s Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master Studs
Absolutely love these! They’re durable, and their through-hardened carbon steel design provides superior traction. Perfectly compatible with two-ply tracks and most modern sleds, these studs are my go-to. Though they’re on the pricier side, you get what you pay for. And a heads-up: backers and hole drills aren’t included, so grab those if you don’t have ’em.

Other Stellar Options:
INS Hornet Snowmobile Studs: Perfect for icy conditions. They’re a bit longer, offering excellent grip on ice. And that no-break no-bend guarantee? Solid!
Extreme Max 5001.5364 Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Studs: Your budget-friendly pick without compromising on quality. They’re versatile and come with Nyloc nuts for easy installation.
Woody’s Traction 1” Gold Digger Studs: Ideal for all-season use. They’re super durable, versatile, and great for varied conditions.
Polaris Snowmobiles Stud Kit: This kit is for those who love convenience. Customizable to your sled, it comes with everything you need for installation.

Considerations Before Buying:
Length: For general use, I recommend 1.25 to 1.35 inches. Want more traction? Go for 1.5 inches or above. For all-season versatility, stick to around 1 inch.
Material: Carbide is top-notch but pricier. Stainless steel and nickel are affordable alternatives. Remember, durability is key.
Stud Pattern: It’s all about your preferred grip and traction. More studs = more traction. Experiment and find what works best for you!
Stud Kits: For first-timers, I recommend a complete kit. It’ll ensure a proper installation.

Product Name Best For Material Length Quantity
Woody’s Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master Studs Overall Through-hardened carbon steel 1.325 inches 96
INS Hornet Snowmobile Studs Ice Carbide, nickel finish 1.83 inches 24, 96, or 144
Extreme Max 5001.5364 Stainless Steel Platinum Plus Studs Budget Pick Stainless steel head, carbide tip Varies 24 or 48
Woody’s Traction 1” Gold Digger Studs All-season use Through-hardened steel 1 inch 96
Polaris Snowmobiles Stud Kit Stud kit Steel and carbide tips Varies 120

Stay frosty and ride safe, everyone! ️


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