Top 3 Best Snowmobile Suits

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Top 3 Snowmobile Suits for Ultimate Winter Thrills

Get ready to dive deep into the world of snowmobile suits because when it comes to braving extreme winter terrains, I’ve got some killer recommendations for you!

Having tested a myriad of suits while riding the icy landscapes, some have definitely made it to my all-time favorites list. And one that takes the crown is the 509 Allied Monosuit. Not only does it look uber-stylish, but its performance in providing warmth and keeping the moisture at bay is unmatched. It’s perfect for those chilly winter rides when you’re eager to blaze through the snow without a care in the world.

While having a snowmobile suit isn’t mandatory, having one in your gear collection is always a wise choice. Why, you ask? Well, let’s get into the specifics.

Top Snowmobile Suits

1. 509 Allied Monosuit
Best for: Overall
Key Features: Ultimate warmth, top-tier comfort, DWR C8 coating for moisture resistance, full seam taped, and internal suspenders.
Material: 5TECH combined with Cordura HP 300d Polyester
Waterproof Rating: 10K Membrane
Fit: Regular

The Allied Monosuit is my first choice when it comes to snowmobile suits. Its unique 5TECH material is an excellent shield against harsh wind and snow, while the Cordura HP 300D Polyester ensures top-notch waterproofing. With fully-taped seams, it promises ultimate warmth. And guess what? For those intense rides, the suit’s well-placed ventilation system will keep you cool.

2. Tobe Novo V3
Best for: Backcountry
Key Features: Robust design, Armortex Kevlar reinforced areas, windproof and waterproof, and leg gaiters.
Material: Sympatex with Cordura
Waterproof Rating: A staggering 45K!
Fit: Comfort

For those wanting a suit that’s tough as nails, the Tobe Novo V3 won’t disappoint. Designed to take on the rugged demands of the backcountry, it’s built with durability in mind. Plus, with a 45K waterproof rating, you’re guaranteed to stay dry no matter what!

3. Carhartt Arctic Quilt Lined Yukon Coverall
Best for: Budget Pick
Key Features: Immensely durable, heavyweight design, warmth-focused, and double-layer knees.
Material: 100% Cordura Nylon
Waterproof: Water-repellant
Fit: Roomy

If you’re after value for money, the Carhartt Coverall is an excellent pick. While it might not have high-end features like some pricier options, it promises comfort, durability, and ample warmth.

Factors to Consider for a Snowmobile Suit

Insulation/Waterproofing: A suit’s prime advantage is its superior insulation. But staying warm also means staying dry, so ensure your suit’s material can withstand the harshest of weathers.

Ventilation: An excellent snowmobile suit should allow heat to escape to prevent overheating. Zippers are particularly useful for this.

Additional Features: Depending on personal preference, one might look for features like hoods, boot gaiters, pockets, and reinforced material in specific wear-prone areas.

My Verdict

While each snowmobile suit has its unique features, the 509 Allied Monosuit takes the cake for me. Not just for its superior warmth and comfort, but also for its practical features that enhance the riding experience. Remember, while a snowmobile suit might not be essential, having one can significantly improve your winter adventures!

Snowmobile Suit Best For Waterproof Rating Key Features
509 Allied Monosuit Overall 10K Membrane Warmth, Comfort, Ventilation
Tobe Novo V3 Backcountry 45K Rugged, Windproof, Waterproof
Carhartt Coverall Budget Pick Water-repellant Durable, Warm, Roomy


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