4 Best Snowmobile Trail Apps That Still Work

Navigate the Snowy Trails with the Best Snowmobile Apps! ️

Navigate Winter Wonderlands: Top 4 Snowmobile Trail Apps in 2024!

Hey there, fellow snowmobile enthusiasts! I’m Jonathan, and boy do I love the thrill of snowmobiling in the cold winter months. Gone are the days when we depended on compasses and memory. Today, snowmobile trail apps offer a combo of excitement and safety, ensuring you never lose your way on the trails.

Let me dive deep and introduce you to some top-notch snowmobile trail apps that have transformed my riding experience:

1. Polaris Ride Command

Polaris Image
Polaris, being a dominant name in the snowmobiling game, has offered a gem with Polaris Ride Command. Tailored for us, the snowmobilers, this app brims with nifty features. Not only does it efficiently pinpoint your location and desired route, but it also packs a Group Ride feature to stay connected with fellow riders. Weather updates? Check. Offline map storage? Check. It’s an all-rounder, and trust me, it’s a game-changer on the trails!

2. BRP GO!

Ski-Doo Image
Crafted by the snowmobiling wizards at Ski-Doo, BRP GO! is a treasure for both iOS and Android users. From 20,000+ trail maps across North America to a special group feature, this app is packed to the brim! And the cherry on top? If you’re rocking a Ski-Doo sled with an LCD color display, the app’s features project right onto your dashboard. Super cool, right?

3. Backcountry Navigator GPS Snowmobile Maps

Backcountry Navigator Image
Fancy extensive coverage of hot snowmobile spots? Backcountry Navigator doesn’t disappoint. Its downside might be its limited compatibility (Android-only and requires a separate purchase of the Snowmobile Trail Maps), but once you’ve got it, the expansive trail data is unmatched.

4. Regional and Local Maps

For those residing in snowmobiling havens like Michigan, Minnesota, or Vermont, regional and local maps might be your go-to. These might not be as snazzy as dedicated apps, but they can be equally resourceful, especially when you’re searching for trails close to home.

Table: The Snowmobile App Rundown

App Name Main Features Platform
Polaris Ride Command Group Ride, Offline Maps, Weather Updates Multi-platform
BRP GO! 20,000+ Trail Maps, Group Feature, Dashboard Integration iOS & Android
Backcountry Navigator GPS Snowmobile Maps 195,000 miles of trails, Offline Use Android
Regional and Local Maps Localized Trail Data Varies

Stay frosty and safe on the trails, folks! ❄️


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