5 Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bags

Hey snowmobilers! ️ Jonathan here, your friendly extreme sports enthusiast. For those of us who thrive on the cold and thrive on the thrill, there’s nothing like gliding through snowy terrains. Now, let’s get to the heart of today’s topic: Tunnel Bags for snowmobiles. You know, those essentials that keep our gear handy and our rides smooth. Let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Snowmobile Tunnel Bags: Essential Gear for Winter Adventures!

Why a Tunnel Bag?
Having a tunnel bag is a game-changer for frequent snowmobilers. It’s like a trusty sidekick, holding onto your essentials and ensuring you’re prepared for any situation. Strapped right at the back of your sled, it’s convenient and ready whenever you are.

Top Picks!
The Ski-Doo 860200824 tops my list! This bag is soft, spacious, and sits snugly at the back of your sled. Having been a snowmobiling buff since my younger days, I’ve seen my share of tunnel bags. Over the years, some have impressed while others haven’t. That said, this post aims to shed light on the very best out there. Whether it’s your first or a much-needed upgrade, I’ve got you covered. Let’s hit the snow! ️

Best Tunnel Bags in the Biz!
Below are my favorites, each boasting its unique features, ensuring your snowy rides are equipped with only the best:

Bag Name Highlights Capacity Style Price
Ski-Doo 860200824 Durable, ample storage, shovel slot, waterproof 40L Soft-sided $$$
Snobunje 1036 Accessible design, easy mounting, padded, waterproof, cost-effective 1200+ cubic inches Soft-sided, rectangle $$
Bushwacker Gear Bag Budget-friendly, padded foam, dual-pull zippers, water-resistant 1000 cubic inches Soft-sided, rectangle $
Ski-Doo LinQ Deep Snow Pro Bag Enhanced waterproofing, lightweight, expandable, shovel holder 30L Hardtop, slim $$$$
Polaris Lock & Ride Tunnel Bag Specially for Polaris sleds, sleek design, easy access & setup 15.2L Semi-rigid $$$

Choosing the Right Tunnel Bag
When hunting for the ideal tunnel bag, remember these pointers:
– Storage: Always check its capacity. Whether in liters or cubic inches, ensure it matches your needs.
– Weather Resistance: A snowmobile tunnel bag needs to be resilient, particularly waterproof, so your gear remains dry, come snow or sleet.

Till next time, stay frosty and keep snowmobiling! ❄️


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