How to Choose Snowmobile Tracks

Gearing Up: How to Pick the Perfect Snowmobile Track! ️

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Hey there, fellow snowmobile lovers! ❄️ It’s Jonathan here, your go-to guy for everything snowmobile-related. If you’ve been pondering the mysteries of snowmobile tracks, worry no more! This post is going to light the path. Whether you’re thinking about replacing that old track or diving into purchasing your very first sled, I’ve got you covered. With years of cold adventures under my belt, I’ve gathered some icy wisdom I’d love to share. Let’s shred this topic! ️

First Steps: Initial Considerations

Before diving deep into the snowy world of tracks, remember: if you’re looking to replace a track on your current machine, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the ideal track width and length. You see, each snowmobile is designed with a specific track length in mind. So while you can shop around for sleds with various track lengths, altering them afterward isn’t on the table.

Depending on what you want, different track lengths offer unique perks. For those keen on zippy handling on groomed trails or racing scenarios, shorter tracks are your friends. On the other hand, if deep snow adventures call out to you, longer tracks, coupled with a robust engine, are the way to go.

Mastering the Track Choice

  1. Specs & Length: Start by reviewing the manufacturer’s specs if you’re replacing a track. And if it’s a new sled on your mind, choose a length that resonates with your snowy adventures and style.
  2. Lug Height : The lug height, or thickness, can be a game-changer. While a sleeker track is fantastic for icy terrains and groomed paths, thicker tracks are perfect for adventurers wanting to delve into deep snow. But remember, as lugs get longer, your engine’s gotta keep up!
  3. Pitch Perfect: Not the movie! The pitch refers to the space between each lug. Always match it with the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid any icy mishaps.
  4. Ride in Style: Thinking of a new snowmobile? Your riding style matters! Whether you’re a trail-blazer, a backcountry explorer, or someone with specialized snowmobiling needs, there’s a track designed just for you.

Quick Fire Round: FAQs

  • Uniform Tracks? Nope! Tracks differ in lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Ensure your track aligns with your sled’s specs.
  • Trail Riding Best Length? Typically, 120 to 136 inches nails it, balancing good handling without going too short or long.
  • Snowmobile Length with a 163 Track? Roughly 12-13 feet, but models may vary.
  • Widest Track? The Ski-Doo Skandic boasts one of the broadest tracks at a whopping 24-inches.
  • Can a 120 Track Fit a 121? Yes, with some tweaks and adjustments to accommodate pitch differences.
  • Identifying a Track? Measure the distance between 11 crossbars, divide by 10 for the pitch. Multiply the total crossbars with the pitch, and voilà, you have your length!
Snapshot: Key Takeaways
Consideration Details
Track Length Depends on the model and personal preference
Lug Height Thickness of the track; impacts snow bite and wear rate
Pitch Space between each lug; must match manufacturer’s specs
Riding Style Choose a track based on your adventures: trail, backcountry, racing, etc.

There you have it, snowy pals! Hope this sheds some light on your snowmobile track journey. Until next time, keep those engines warm and adventures colder!


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