How to Clean a Snowmobile Clutch

Hey snowmobile junkies! ️❄️ If you’re like me, Jonathan, an extreme sports lover and an absolute snowmobile fanatic, you know how crucial it is to keep our sleds in top shape! Having spent countless winters zooming through snowy trails, I’ve learned a thing or two about snowmobile maintenance. So, gear up and let’s dive right into one of the most crucial topics: How to clean a snowmobile clutch.

Mastering Clutch Care: Essential Guide to Cleaning Your Snowmobile

Why Clean Your Snowmobile Clutch?
A clean clutch = a high-performing snowmobile! Over time, dust and grit from the belt’s friction can accumulate, causing acceleration issues and reducing overall performance. A dirty clutch can even mimic carb problems, with sticky actions and weird noises when you halt. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get that clutch sparkling!

Essentials for the Task:
– Wrench/Sockets/Impact Wrench
– Snap ring pliers (depending on your snowmobile’s make/model)
– Brake cleaner spray
– Abrasive pad
– Air compressor (bonus, but awesome to have)
– Clutch puller (another nice-to-have tool)

Step-by-Step Clutch Cleaning:

#1. Belt Removal:
Start by loosening and taking off the belt connecting the primary and secondary clutches. The method might vary, but the general idea remains consistent. Typically, use an L-bolt type tool near the clutch bolt to slacken the belt for easy removal. Oh, and while you’re at it, inspect that belt! Replace if it shows wear and tear.

#2. Quick Clean without Taking Off the Clutches:
With the belt off, you can quickly clean the clutches. Remember safety first: always have the kill switch on!
Step 1: Use the air compressor to blow out dust and grit from the sheave area. Safety goggles and masks are your friends here.
Step 2: Generously spray the sheaves with brake cleaner.
Step 3: With your abrasive pad, scrub the clutch faces. Ensure you rotate and clean the entire surface of each sheave.

#3. Deep Clean by Removing the Clutches:
For a thorough cleaning, take off the clutches from the snowmobile:
Step 1: Remove the belt as previously described.
Step 2: With an impact wrench, undo the clutch bolt. Use a clutch puller or another method to take off the clutch.
Step 3: On a bench, start disassembling the clutches. Take out weights, spacers, and remember their positions!
Step 4: Heavily spray each component with brake cleaner, targeting areas with visible grime.
Step 5: Scrub every component using the abrasive pad.
Step 6: Assemble the clutches back and reinstall them onto your snowmobile.

#4. Belt Installation:
With clean clutches, reinstall the belt. Check again for any damages and replace if required.

Details Description
Importance of Clutch Cleaning Improves performance, prevents acceleration issues, and reduces carb problems.
Frequency of Deep Cleaning At least once every season.
Tools Required Wrench, Snap ring pliers, Brake cleaner spray, Abrasive pad, (Optional) Air compressor and Clutch puller.

So, fellow snowmobile enthusiasts, keep your sleds in prime condition and enjoy the thrill of the ride! ️ ️ And if you’ve got any clutch cleaning stories or tips, drop them in the comments. Ride safe!


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