Best Places to Snowmobile in Maine

Hey there! I’m Jonathan, a snowmobile junkie with a passion for icy adventures. With decades of experience racing across North America’s snowy terrains, I’ve gotten quite acquainted with the northeastern gems. And let me tell you, Maine’s snowy trails are an absolute delight!

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So, if you’re like me and can’t resist the thrill of zipping across snowy trails, here’s my take on the top spots to snowmobile in Maine. Trust me; you won’t want to miss these!

1. Aroostook County: Snowmobiling’s Hidden Gem

Starting off with the crown jewel, Aroostook County is as northeast as it gets in the US. Its remote location adds to its charm, making it a haven for snowmobilers from around the world. What began as a necessity for the locals has transformed into a buzzing destination for winter sports lovers!

The trails here are diverse, ranging from smooth railroads to challenging terrains, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Thanks to local snowmobile clubs, these paths are well-kept and marked, making it easy even for beginners. And hey, while you’re there, don’t miss out on the winter festivities that give off a vibrant snowmobile fest vibe!

2. Coburn Mountain: Touch the Sky

Climbing to a dizzying height of 3,717 feet, Coburn Mountain boasts the tallest groomed trail in Maine. The ride up offers a unique blend of adventure and scenic beauty, culminating in a panoramic view of New England. And for an even more elevated experience, there’s a tower at the top – but hold on tight!

Weekends can get pretty crowded here, but the experience is worth it. Want more? Extend your ride to Grand Falls via Trail 89 for an added adventure.

3. Moosehead Lake: Glide Around the Lake

Ready for a 164-mile round trip? Moosehead Lake promises a thrilling experience with its scenic loop. The trail is dotted with amenities, ensuring you’re never too far from a pit stop. And if you’re new, consider hiring a guide to make the most of your trip!

4. Bingham Wind Farm: A Whirlwind Adventure ️

Riding amidst towering windmills is nothing short of surreal! Bingham Wind Farm not only contributes to Maine’s power but also offers snowmobilers an unforgettable ride. The view from the trails is mesmerizing, making it a top spot for capturing those perfect shots!

5. Greenville B-52 Crash Site: A Glimpse of History ✈️

Add a dash of mystery to your ride with the B-52 crash site near Greenville. Though the crash happened over 50 years ago, the remnants remain, turning it into a historical treasure hunt. A memorial at the site pays tribute to the victims, adding depth to the adventure.

Spot Highlights
Aroostook County Varied terrains, winter festivals, well-maintained trails
Coburn Mountain Maine’s highest groomed trail, panoramic views
Moosehead Lake 164-mile loop, scenic beauty, amenities
Bingham Wind Farm Giant windmills, interconnected trails, mesmerizing views
Greenville B-52 Crash Site Historical site, treasure hunt vibe, memorial tribute


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