Rev Arc Snowmobile Ramp Review

Jonathan’s Deep Dive into the Rev Arc Snowmobile Ramp

Expert Review of the Rev Arc Snowmobile Ramp

Hey there, extreme sports and cold weather aficionados! I’m Jonathan, and if you’re as crazy about snowmobiling as I am, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re diving deep into the Rev Arc snowmobile ramp, a tool I’ve thoroughly examined to help you figure out if it’s the right pick for loading your sled.

The Rev Arc isn’t just any snowmobile ramp. Its robust structure ensures your sled is hoisted swiftly onto a truck. Designed to fold conveniently, it’s not only durable but also super practical for storage and transportation. Let’s break down the details!


The Rev Arc is a frontrunner when it comes to loading sleds in a snap. Its functional setup guarantees stability while driving your snowmobile up, ensuring a smooth experience every time. Whether you’re upgrading your sled or sticking to your trusted companion, this ramp’s versatility is unmatched. Forget those rickety, unstable ramps – Rev Arc stands its ground, proving to be a dependable ally. While it might be a bit on the pricier side, it promises unmatched quality and durability.

Detailed Breakdown

Having tested countless ramps, I can vouch for the Rev Arc’s top-notch performance. It’s uncomplicated, rock-solid, and fits seamlessly ensuring safety across different terrains. Here’s a closer look:

1. Ease of Use

Its intuitive design includes raised ski guides for perfect alignment and a quick attachment mechanism for tailgates. No more fumbling around!

2. Strength/Stability

With its whopping 1,500-pound capacity, it effortlessly supports larger sleds. The Traction Control Technology and additional safety strap make the loading process a breeze.

3. Cost/Value

Although it’s a tad more expensive, the Rev Arc is a long-term investment, offering unparalleled strength and ease.

4. Storage/Transport

Weighing just 47 pounds and featuring a foldable design, it’s a cinch to move and stash away, keeping your garage clutter-free!

Alternative Contenders

Though the Rev Arc is a stellar choice, a few other ramps have caught my attention:

  • Black Ice Snowmobile Ramp: A tri-fold marvel with a robust aluminum build and 1,500-pound capacity.
  • Caliber Bi-Fold Ramp Pro: A sleek bi-fold option, ideal for those looking for a compact design, but it supports up to 1,200 pounds only.
  • CargoSmart Aluminum Trifold Ramp: A versatile pick, great for snowmobiles, ATVs, and more.

Jonathan’s Verdict ⚖️

If you ask me, the Rev Arc is a clear winner. Its reliability, unmatched strength, and ease of transport make it a worthwhile investment for any snowmobile enthusiast. Two thumbs up!

Quick Glance

Feature Details
Design Foldable & Compact
Weight 47 pounds
Capacity 1,500 pounds
Special Feature Traction Control Technology
Value for Money High (Slightly expensive, but worth it)


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