How Wide is a Snowmobile Trailer?

Hey, extreme sports lovers! I’m Jonathan, and if there’s anything I’m crazy about, it’s snowmobiles! ❄️ Riding them, talking about them, and yes, figuring out how to transport them! Let’s get straight into the nitty-gritty of snowmobile trailers.

Maximize Your Winter Fun: Sizing Up the Perfect Snowmobile Trailer

❄️ Initial Insights

With a plethora of snowmobile sizes out there, trailers also come in a range. While most trailers span between 4 to 8 feet in width, it’s essential to pick the one that suits your sled and purpose best. The width becomes crucial when thinking of carrying multiple sleds side by side. Plan accordingly!

The Standard Snowmobile Trailer

Spotting a snowmobile trailer on the road? It’s likely around 7 feet wide. It’s the sweet spot, fitting two sleds without a hitch! Whether open-air or with walls and a roof, this 7-foot benchmark remains consistent, though exceptions always exist.

The Skinny on Narrow Trailers

Narrow trailers, ranging from 4 to 6 feet in width, are typically your go-to for a solo snowmobile. A 4-foot trailer does the job for one sled, but if you’re thinking storage or some extra elbow room, it might feel cramped. A 6-foot trailer can be a tight squeeze for two sleds, given that many sleds are over 3 feet wide. So, a 7-foot trailer? Much more breathing space to safely secure two side by side!

What’s Up with Wider Trailers?

Got more sleds? Then you’ll be looking at wider trailers, generally over 7 feet wide. These big boys give ample room for multiple sleds, gear, and any extras. Aiming to transport four snowmobiles? Think 7 or 8 feet in width and a length of 20 feet or more. However, trailers usually don’t exceed 8 feet in width, and we’ll get to why in just a moment.

Keeping it in Lane: Width Constraints

Dreaming of an ultra-wide trailer? Here’s the deal breaker: trailers beyond 8.5 feet wide are not just rare; they’re often illegal on many roads! Each lane on a standard road has a width, setting limits for vehicles and trailers to ensure safety for everyone. Those “Wide Load” trucks you see? Exceptions to the rule and not an everyday ride.

Summary Table

Details Information
Average Width 7 feet
Narrow Trailer Range 4 to 6 feet
Wide Trailer Width Over 7 feet
Width Limit 8.5 feet


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