Typhoon Snowmobile Helmets Review

Hey there, extreme sports lovers! I’m Jonathan, your friendly snowmobile aficionado who’s head over boots for anything snow-related! Dive into the snowy world of helmets as we dissect the Typhoon snowmobile helmets. Ready? Let’s throttle up!

Expert Review of Typhoon Snowmobile Helmets

Typhoon Snowmobile Helmets: A Quick Glance
Ever wondered why Typhoon helmets have made a buzz in the snowmobiling community? They’re not just your run-of-the-mill helmets; they’re a perfect blend of affordability and top-notch quality. Whether you’re a professional rider or just someone starting out, Typhoon caters to all!

Known for their durability and safety, these helmets ensure that while you’re zipping through snow trails, your noggin remains cozy and protected. The cherry on top? They won’t burn a hole in your pocket. My personal favorite? The Typhoon TH158 – a remarkable combo of style and substance, but we’ll delve into its details shortly.

Delving Deeper: Typhoon TH158 Review
You want specifics, right? So, let’s break down the TH158!

Construction ️:
Engineered for maximum protection, the TH158 boasts a robust construction, ensuring you ride with confidence. Its full-face modular design, coupled with an easily adjustable chin bar, ensures a snug fit while being super user-friendly, even in frosty conditions! Crafted from ABS plastic, this helmet not only meets but also exceeds DOT safety standards.

Visibility :
No one likes a foggy view while cruising, and with the TH158, clear visibility is a guarantee. Its double-pane heated shield, powered by an RCA connection, is an antidote to the dreaded frosty buildup. Though it might not provide a panoramic view, it does ensure you catch all those scenic peripheral sights!

Comfort & Fit :
On the comfort scale, it might not score a perfect ten. Slightly heavy, courtesy of its ABS shell, it’s advisable to opt for a size up, especially if you fancy wearing a beanie underneath. A little snugness around the ears might be a minor hiccup for some.

Noteworthy Features ⭐:
Apart from its fog-resistant shield, the helmet’s chin bar stands out, ensuring you get that perfect fit every single time.

Exploring Alternatives
Branch out and check these Typhoon alternatives:
1. Typhoon K27 Snocross: Perfect for those who live for speed and are on a budget.
2. Castle X EXO-CX950: A delightful full-face variant that promises comfort and durability.
3. Vega Ultramax: Light on the head and pocket, it’s another full-face helmet with a heated shield to boot.

The Final Scoop:
For those seeking quality without splurging, Typhoon snowmobile helmets, especially the TH158, are a solid bet. They might not be dripping with fancy features but cover all the basics like a pro!

Feature Description
Brand Typhoon
Model TH158
Construction ABS Plastic (DOT Standards)
Visibility Double-pane heated shield with RCA connection
Comfort Snug fit (consider sizing up)
Price Range Budget-friendly


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