What Happened to Alouette Snowmobiles

The Rise and Fall of Alouette Snowmobiles ️

Uncovering the Mystery: The Rise and Fall of Alouette Snowmobiles

Hey there, fellow snowmobile enthusiasts! ️ It’s Jonathan here, your go-to guy for all things snowmobiles. Today, we’re taking a thrilling ride down memory lane with the legendary Canadian snowmobile brand: Alouette!

Who Were the Brains Behind Alouette Snowmobiles?

Initially, the Featherweight Corp, hailing from Quebec, Canada, brought the Alouette snowmobiles to life. Over its short-lived decade of existence, the brand saw several ownerships. From its roots in Quebec, it shifted to the US, settling in Maine. Later, Coleco took the reins and moved its base to Connecticut. Eventually, the famous Rupp Manufacturing in Ohio acquired Alouette, adding it to their lineup of vintage snowmobile brands.

When Did Alouette Mark its Entry?

1967 marked the birth of Alouette snowmobiles. Their debut model, the 707, has since become a hot topic among vintage snowmobile aficionados. If you happen to spot one, make sure to grab it!

Highlighting Alouette’s Stellar Models

Throughout its ten-year span, Alouette rolled out some impressive sleds! Starting with the solo 707 model in 1967, they quickly expanded their range in the following years, offering faster and more advanced models. 1974 was particularly special, introducing the Super Brute, a race-focused snowmobile with innovative features like an improved front suspension and an aluminum chassis.

Why Did Alouette’s Journey End?

The frequent sales and changes in ownership played a part in Alouette’s downfall. The nail in the coffin was the Rupp acquisition in 1976. With Rupp facing challenges in the snowmobile market, resources were limited, leading to the end of Alouette’s legacy.

Hunting for Alouette Snowmobiles?

To snag one of these vintage beauties, scour popular online marketplaces or check out trails to spot someone cruising on an Alouette. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not make them an offer?

In Need of Alouette Parts? ⚙️

Tracking down parts can be challenging. Start with a quick online search, explore snowmobile repair shops, or delve into snowmobile forums. There’s bound to be a lead somewhere!

Details Information
Brand Origin Canada
Initial Producer Featherweight Corp
Debut Year 1967
Highlight Model Super Brute (1974)
End of Production 1976 (Rupp Acquisition)


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