What Happened to John Deere Snowmobiles

Hey, fellow extreme sports enthusiasts! It’s Jonathan here, your go-to snowmobile guru. While many of you know John Deere for its iconic green and yellow tractors, did you know they also made snowmobiles during the 1970s and 1980s? That’s right! Those vibrant machines are a treat for vintage collectors today.

The Rise and Fall of John Deere Snowmobiles

Having been a snowmobile aficionado for the better part of my life, I felt a calling to deep dive into these John Deere machines and share some frosty facts with you. Ready to slide into some knowledge? Let’s rev up the engines! ️❄️

The Makers Behind John Deere Snowmobiles

Although John Deere is renowned globally for its farm machinery, their stint in the snowmobile scene, though short, was memorable. Interestingly, while the design was all John Deere, the engines came from other trusted brands. So, depending on the model’s year, you could find a Kawasaki, CCW, or even a Kioritz engine powering these beauties.

When Snowmobiles Became A Deere Thing

The snow started falling for John Deere in 1972. This was when they rolled out their first official snowmobile. Produced in Wisconsin, these snow marvels shared their birthplace with many other iconic John Deere machines.

Digging into John Deere Snowmobile Models

In their 12-year snowy journey, John Deere introduced various snowmobile models. From the agile Liquifire that boasted a 436cc 2-stroke Kawasaki engine to the Snowfire, a favorite among collectors, these models had their unique charm and characteristics. For those intrigued, here’s a list:

Model Year
Model 300 1974-77
Trailfire 1979-84

When The Snow Stopped Falling For John Deere

The final flake fell in 1984. With dwindling sales and some internal changes, the company decided to put a halt to its snowmobile line. And as one door closed, another opened. Polaris, another giant in the snowmobile world, took over John Deere’s snowmobile division. While many speculated that Polaris might continue the John Deere legacy, it chose its own snowy path.

Looking for a John Deere Snowmobile? Here’s Where to Start Your Hunt

To all vintage hunters out there, finding a John Deere snowmobile is like unearthing a gem. From dedicated Facebook groups to auction sites like Motorsports Universe, your dream sled might just be a search away. Don’t forget to check out snowmobile forums and ask within your local community. Who knows, someone nearby might have the treasure you seek!

Need Spare Parts? I’ve Got You Covered

For those who’ve managed to snag a vintage John Deere, maintaining it is the next challenge. But don’t fret! Sites like eBay, New Breed Parts, and Dennis Kirk might have the component you’re after. And if you’re in luck, a local John Deere dealership might just have that rare part you’ve been searching for.

Frequently Asked Snowy Queries ❄️

  • Who made the engines for John Deere snowmobiles?
    Kawasaki, CCW, and Kioritz were the major contributors, with specific engines varying by the model’s production year.
  • Which was the fastest John Deere snowmobile?
    The Liquifire takes the crown here. Lightweight with a powerful engine, it was a force to be reckoned with during its time.
  • Were John Deere snowmobiles reliable?
    Absolutely! They were robust and efficient. However, their size made them a tad less maneuverable compared to other brands.


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