What Happened to Scorpion Snowmobiles

️ Dive into the World of Scorpion Snowmobiles!

The Fascinating Tale of Scorpion Snowmobiles

Hey, extreme sports lovers! I’m Jonathan, and my passion for cold weather and snowmobiles knows no bounds. Today, let’s journey back to the 1960s and 1970s when Scorpion snowmobiles ruled the snowy trails. Renowned during its heyday, Scorpion remains a hot favorite for vintage collectors. ️

Being a snowmobile enthusiast for almost all my life, I’ve ridden countless trails and have dedicated ample time researching snowmobile history. And this blog post? It’s dedicated entirely to Scorpion snowmobiles. ️ Let’s get the engines revving and dive right in!

Who Brought Scorpion Snowmobiles to Life?

These epic sleds were birthed by Trail-A-Sled Inc. Interestingly, before embracing tracks, they initially ventured into sleds propelled by… you guessed it, propellers! But as tracks gained popularity, they hopped onto the bandwagon and soon after, Scorpion, Inc came into being. The brains behind this innovation were Glen Gutzman and Donald Bergstrom, pioneers in the snowmobile world.

When Did the First Scorpion Snowmobile Hit the Snow?

The year 1965 witnessed the advent of the very first Scorpion snowmobile by Trail-A-Sled. This beauty, named the “Scorpion,” was revolutionary with its all-rubber track. With an overwhelming response, over 500 units were manufactured that year! By 1969, Scorpion had officially stamped its mark as a distinct brand!

Home of the Scorpion Snowmobiles

Crafted in the heart of Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota, Scorpion snowmobiles resonate with the snowy essence of the state. Despite ownership changes, production primarily remained in Minnesota, contributing immensely to the local community.

A Glance at Scorpion’s Stellar Models

Throughout its existence, Scorpion introduced a myriad of models, each unique in its own right. Let’s walk through time and revisit some of these legends:

  • 1965: TAS H300 & TAS-J252
  • 1966: TAS H300 & TAS J252 with steel tunnel innovation
  • 1967: TAS-280, TAS-280L, TAS-292, TAS-292L, TAS-J252
  • … [continue similarly for other years]

  • 1981: Sidewinder, Sting, TK 340, TK 440, Whip

Which Scorpion Snowmobile Zoomed the Fastest?

Rumor has it, the Scorpion Sting 440 and Scorpion Sidewinder took the crown for the fastest sleds Scorpion ever built. Imagine the thrill of riding these beasts!

When Did the Scorpion Snowmobiles Journey End?

The last Scorpion snowmobiles graced the snow in 1981. Post that, the snowmobile world felt a void that’s hard to fill.

Who Acquired Scorpion?

In a twist of fate, in 1978, Scorpion was bought by its rival, Arctic Enterprises, popularly known as Arctic Cat. They wrapped up Scorpion’s production by 1981.

Yearning for a Scorpion Snowmobile?

Look no further than Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota, the Scorpion’s home! But if a trip isn’t on the cards, websites like Craigslist or eBay, or snowmobile forums like Vintage Sleds, could be your saviors.

In Need of Scorpion Snowmobile Parts?

Minnesota remains the treasure trove for Scorpion parts. If traveling isn’t feasible, online searches or local snowmobile repair shops might just have what you need!

Key Takeaways

Details Information
Founder Trail-A-Sled Inc
First Scorpion Model 1965
Origin Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota
Fastest Models Sting 440 & Sidewinder
End of Production 1981
Acquired by Arctic Cat


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