Best Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin

Embrace the Cold: Wisconsin’s Snowmobile Adventures ❄️

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Hey there, snowmobile aficionados! Wisconsin isn’t just about dairy delights. When winter sets in, this state becomes a snowy playground for folks like us! I’m Jonathan, a snowmobile fanatic with a rich history of dashing through the snow. Born and raised in the chill of Colorado, my family hails from Wisconsin, so I’ve had countless rides across this snowy expanse.

In today’s post, I’m excited to delve into some of the most exhilarating snowmobile trails Wisconsin has to offer. Yes, it might be cold and a bit gloomy at times, but that just means more frosty fun for us. So, ditch that cheese slice and let’s rev up those engines!

Top Picks for Wisconsin Snowmobile Trails:

1. Bearskin State Trail

If you’re looking for vast trail networks, the Bearskin State Trail is an absolute gem! Part of the renowned Wisconsin State Park system, this trail connects to a whopping 1,600 miles of other snowy adventures. While the Bearskin trail stretches a mere 21.5 miles, its strategic location in the Minocqua region offers you a gateway to a myriad of trails. The trail is a snow-lover’s dream during the winter months. And, bonus, there’s a snowmobile-exclusive section ensuring a smooth ride, free of skiers. Consider staying in Minocqua for a multi-day adventure; they’ve got cozy stays and tasty bites!

2. Eagle River

While Eagle River is technically a region and not just a trail, it’s one of the premier spots for snowmobiling in Wisconsin. Many even call it the “Snowmobile Capital of the World.” Well, that’s a bold claim, but it sure is up there on the list! This area boasts around 600 miles of perfectly groomed trails, set amidst breathtaking sceneries. And if you’re looking for a family-friendly winter spot, Eagle River won’t disappoint. Pro-tip: Don’t miss Trail 13; it leads you straight to a mesmerizing Ice Castle built annually by local heroes – the firefighters!

3. Racine County

Convenience is the name of the game in Racine County. Located just a hop, skip, and a jump from Milwaukee and Chicago, Racine offers around 200 miles of groomed trails. The flat terrains mean you can feel the wind in your hair as you race along. Plus, it’s an excellent spot for beginners looking to hone their skills. Map out your adventure and get set go!

4. St. Germain

For those with a need for speed, St. Germain is your haven. The Radar Run, an annual extravaganza, lets snowmobilers race on a 1000-foot track, with speeds recorded for those ever-important bragging rights. Beyond the race, there’s a treasure trove of trails to discover. And if you’re a snowmobile history buff, the Snowmobile Hall of Fame is right in town!

5. Hurley ️

If predefined trails aren’t your style, Hurley offers the perfect “make your own trail” experience. With an expansive 175,000 acres of public land, you’re free to carve out your own adventure. Given the region receives some of the heaviest snowfalls in Wisconsin, it promises longer snowmobiling seasons. Just be sure to pack a GPS and essential gear – adventure awaits, but safety first!

Trail/Region Special Feature
Bearskin State Trail Access to 1,600 miles of other trails
Eagle River Approximately 600 miles of groomed trails
Racine County Proximity to major cities like Milwaukee and Chicago
St. Germain Radar Run & Snowmobile Hall of Fame
Hurley 175,000 acres of public land


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