Best Places to Snowmobile in Wyoming

Hey there, winter adrenaline junkies! Wyoming, known as the Cowboy State, boasts immense wilderness and expansive landscapes that transform into a snowy wonderland during the chilly months.

Thrilling Trails Await: Top Wyoming Snowmobile Destinations Revealed

I’m Jonathan, your snowmobile guru with years of tracks laid across North America, especially in Wyoming. Hailing from the snow-laden state of Colorado, I’ve revved up my snowmobile through Wyoming’s trails more times than I can count.

In this blog entry, I’m diving deep into my top picks for the most exhilarating snowmobile locales in Wyoming. Whether you’re aiming to weave through uncharted terrains or zip along popular trails, Wyoming has got you covered. So, strap on those helmets and let’s get sled-ready! ️

Snowy Range

The Snowy Range is my go-to when in Wyoming. Imagine cruising through a vast winter oasis that receives an average of over 300 inches of snow annually. Oh yeah, that’s fresh powder galore! With 300+ miles of snowmobile tracks, half of which are groomed to perfection, riders of every skill level can have a blast. From dense forests to breathtaking high-alpine bowls, the terrains are diverse and thrilling. And for those seeking backcountry action, you’re in for a treat. Just gear up appropriately and be avalanche-aware; the Wyoming cold is no joke!

Pro tip: Set up base in Laramie. It’s the closest city to Snowy Range and offers tons of accommodations and tasty grub options.

Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail

Embarking on the Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail feels like venturing through the very soul of Wyoming. Over 600 groomed miles await, slicing through the heart of the state. I’ve always loved the mix of deep backcountry explorations and accessibility this trail provides. It’s also an epic route for multi-day snowmobile camping. Trust me; the stretch passing through the Grand Teton National Park is a sight you’ll cherish forever.

Black Hills

Nestled in Wyoming’s northeastern quadrant, the Black Hills is another snowmobile paradise. While it might not be as vast as other locales, its charm is undeniable. This trail connects with South Dakota’s snowmobile paths, unlocking an additional 1,500 miles of pure riding pleasure. The region holds a special aura, echoing its sacred significance to Native Americans. While snowfall might be a tad lighter here due to its lower elevation, you’re assured good snow cover from December through March.

Yellowstone National Park

A trip to Yellowstone is an experience like no other. Visiting in summer is mesmerizing, but snowmobiling in winter? Pure magic! ✨ The park limits access during the colder months, ensuring that snowmobilers have a pristine environment. Some red tape is involved in accessing the park on a snowmobile, like securing permits and hiring authorized guides, but every moment is worth it. Kickstart your snowy escapade from Jackson Hole; it’s a fabulous winter sports hub right near Yellowstone.

Big Horn Mountains

The colossal Big Horn Mountains beckon all snowmobile enthusiasts. Centrally located in Wyoming, this mountain range boasts nearly 200 trails. While the groomed paths are fantastic, the backcountry offers unparalleled riding adventures. Plentiful snow and dynamic terrains make every ride memorable. Having enjoyed many family trips here, I can vouch for its serene beauty and recommend the towns of Sheridan and Greybull for lodging and supplies.

Key Details at a Glance:

Location Highlights
Snowy Range 300 inches annual snow, 300+ miles of trails, diverse terrains.
Continental Divide Trail 600 groomed miles, Grand Teton views, deep backcountry.
Black Hills Connection to SD trails, 55 miles groomed in Wyoming, sacred Native American land.
Yellowstone Exclusive winter access, guided snowmobile tours, unique wilderness encounters.
Big Horn Mountains 200 trails, great backcountry, extended snow season.


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